Pfizer Medical Education Grants

February 21, 2024
Expanding the Definition of
The "The Safe Use of Medicine" speaking book was developed with the World Medical Association, International Council of Nurses and the African Pharmaceutical Forum and explains to patients how they safely acquire, keep and use medicines to get well and stay healthy. Patients will learn the importance of obtaining prescription medicine, maintaining communication with the doctors and nurses and avoiding fake medications.

Hypertension for Low Literacy Groups in New York City

The medical speaking book, "High Blood Pressure and Staying Healthy, " details the signs, causes and treatments for high blood pressure. Pfizer developed this book with the New York University School of Medicine, Center of Immigrant Health and the World Medical Association. Through colorful illustrations with easy to understand text, the patients are shown how lifestyle changes can improve heart health and where they can find assistance in the New York City area.

Pediatric Medical Simulation
Pediatric Medical Simulation
Continuing Education AOTA approved OT/PT Sensory Hands On
Continuing Education AOTA approved OT/PT Sensory Hands On ...
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