Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center

September 6, 2022
Ohio State University

Annual Open House 2014, agility dog performingThe Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Open House is an opportunity for everyone in the family to discover the fantastic world of veterinary medicine. Each year we open our doors to the community to see behind the scenes of The Ohio State University’s premiere veterinary school and celebrate the role of animals in people’s lives. A self-guided tour will take visitors through the Veterinary Medical Center, where students, faculty and staff will provide information about our services and the profession. The event includes a variety of demonstrations throughout the day, seminars, exhibits and the popular children’s activity center. Children can bring their own stuffed animals or purchase a teddy bear for $5 for the teddy bear surgery activity. There will be an educational presentation by the Columbus Zoo and attendees will learn about and see some of the animals that travel with Jack Hanna.

Registration is NOT required!

This is a free event and is open to the public. We ask attendees to donate cat food or dog food. Pet food donations will be given to area animal shelters. Children can bring their own stuffed animals or purchase a teddy bear for for the teddy bear surgery activity.

Free parking in areas marked in Blue. Parking permit required in areas marked in Yellow.Important Information About Your Visit

  • Visitors who have been outside the United States after Sept. 1 may pose a risk of spreading a foreign animal diseases. Please visit the registration table so that students can assess the level of risk. This helps us ensure the health of our patients and Ohio State animals.
  • During the Annual Open House the college will be photographing exhibits, tours, presentations and other gatherings. Open House attendees consent to have their photograph taken and possibly used in various types of media promoting the Open House. By registering for this event you agree to allow The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine to use photographs of the event, which may include you, in printed materials, and on our website. If you DO NOT consent to having your photograph taken during the event you will need to let the photographer(s) know.
  • We ask that you leave your dogs and other pets at home in a safe and comfortable environment We want to maintain appropriate biosecurity and infection control for our patients, livestock, and your pets. Please remember that no animal may remain in an unattended vehicle at any time.


A vareity of food trucks will be there to sell food.


Some free parking is available in the Sisson Hall parking lot to the East of the Veterinary Medical Center (denoted in blue) as well as along Coffey Road. Parking to the North of the Veterinary Medical Center in the Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center (denoted in yellow) will require purchase of a parking permit. Please reference the map below for parking areas.

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Source: vet.osu.edu
The Ohio State University Medical Center (2011)
The Ohio State University Medical Center (2011)
Get to know the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center
Get to know the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center
Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center on Good
Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center on Good ...
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