Columbia University Medical Center Bookstore

September 7, 2022

Barnes & Noble will open a college bookstore at 711 W. 168th St. in September, a Columbia Medical Center spokesman said Wednesday, March 19, 2014.Barnes & Noble will open a college bookstore at 711 W. 168th St. in September, a Columbia Medical Center spokesman said Wednesday, March 19, 2014.

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WASHINGTON HEIGHTS — Community Board 12's former home on 168th Street will become a haven for students and bookworms, as

CUMC and Barnes & Noble will open a new store at 711 W. 168th St., a CUMC spokesman said Wednesday. The store will sell mainly textbooks as well as books of more general interest.

The medical center will close its Barnes & Noble-branded college bookstore at 3954 Broadway between 166th and 167th streets, opting for the space more centrally located for medical students.

The Barnes & Noble, which despite its address is located on Haven Avenue near 169th Street, was home to the community board until October, when the board moved to the Alianza Dominicana Triangle building at 530 W. 166th St.

While the new store will primary cater to students, Columbia spokesman Doug Levy said there will be items for locals as well.

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