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March 16, 2023
Aravind Eye Hospital

Vice Chairman, Vinayaka Missions University

It indeed is a unique opportunity for me to communicate to you and I extend a very warm welcome to those of you who are eager to come into our fold. Every creation is a self-portrait of the person who created it. There need be no mention that Vinayaka Missions University is a class of its own and a ‘self-portrait of Excellence in Education’.

Vinayaka Missions is in the field of education since 1981 and our insatiable thirst for achieving excellence in education has taken us to greater heights of glory. Technology is redefining the learning. Globalization and increasing diversity in man’s needs generate enhanced demands for competitive professional skills.

The prime objective of Vinayaka Missions University is to meet the intellectual, social and academic needs of every student through appropriate and relevant quality inputs.

Vinayaka Missions University steers the ship of knowledge and guides the students in the right direction to provide them the acumen that is needed for the ever changing world. We understand the significance of learning and are committed to develop knowledge, leadership and other professional skills, which are vital for the transformation of the students into worthy citizens. Our focused attention, career oriented courses and excellent teaching will provide the students with required knowledge and skills and make them true professionals.

Chancellor, Vinayaka Missions University

In pursuance of the aim to make education as a tool for social change for the enrichment of the society, Vinayaka Missions made a modest beginning in 1981. Since then, it has made a giant leap with a unique profile, reflecting its image and innovative approaches to teaching, learning and research.

Knowledge is capital and information is power and Vinayaka Missions University offers both in a right blend. We provide opportunities to cater to the professional needs of today’s fast growing economy by offering a wide range of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees.
Vinayaka Missions University attracts talented students from across the country and abroad. The University nurtures them with a judicious mix of knowledge and skill and moulds them to face the internationally competitive environment. In order to maintain its commitment to achieve ‘Excellence in Education’, Vinayaka Missions traveled a long way. As we look back, we are proud that we have crossed 25 years and left our indelible footsteps in the field of education and celebrated the ‘Silver Jubilee’ in the recent past.
As we stand at the threshold of marching towards more milestones, we are glad that we translated our ‘Vision’ into reality through our ‘Mission’ by imparting high quality education and employing apt resources and appropriate technologies in various professional and educational fields, globally.

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aarupadai veedu medical college (college day 2008)
aarupadai veedu medical college (college day 2008)
aarupadai veedu medical college / pondy (avmc)
aarupadai veedu medical college / pondy (avmc)
Admission in Aarupadai Veedu Medical College and Hospitals
Admission in Aarupadai Veedu Medical College and Hospitals ...
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