Harvard University Medical School

January 3, 2022
Welcome to the Harvard Medical

Since the school was established in 1782, faculty members have improved human health by innovating in their roles as physicians, mentors and scholars. They’ve piloted educational models, developed new curricula to address emerging needs in health care, and produced thousands of leaders and compassionate caregivers who are shaping the fields of science and medicine throughout the world with their expertise and passion.

HMS in Motion

Harvard Medical School in Motion: A vibrant community is shaping the future of education and biomedicine

Members of the Harvard Medical School community have also excelled in the research arena. Faculty members have been making paradigm-shifting discoveries and achieving “firsts” since 1800, when HMS Professor Benjamin Waterhouse introduced the smallpox vaccine to the United States. Their accomplishments are recognized internationally, and, in fact, fifteen researchers have shared in nine Nobel prizes for work completed while at the School.

The Faculty of Medicine includes more than 11, 000 individuals working to advance the boundaries of knowledge in labs, classrooms and clinics. The school’s main quadrangle in Boston houses 146 tenured and tenure-track faculty members in basic and social science departments as well as classrooms where students spend their first two years of medical school.

But teaching and research extend beyond the Quad. Harvard Medical School has affiliation agreements with 16 of the world’s most prestigious hospitals and research institutes, vital partners that provide clinical care and training. They also serve as home base for more than 10, 000 physicians and scientists with faculty appointments.

With its vast reservoir of talent, extensive network of affiliates and commitment to problem solving, Harvard Medical School is uniquely positioned to steer education and research in directions that will benefit local, national and global communities.

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Source: hms.harvard.edu
External Education at Harvard Medical School
External Education at Harvard Medical School
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