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August 26, 2022
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Laura RobertsThe vision for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine places importance on and integrating this foremost mission with those of Clinical Innovation and Service, Educational Excellence, Community Engagement & Commitment, and Professionalism & Leadership Development. This approach, in my view, will allow us to change future understanding and practices in our fields of science, the health professions, and society at large. It is an approach that stretches the traditional boundaries of an academic department and acknowledges the interdependent nature of the five missions with which we are entrusted. For us, the vision affirms the diverse activities, past successes, and distinct career paths of our multidisciplinary faculty. It establishes a mindset that will help draw our people together to collaborate and combine efforts that are necessary in moving forward this full academic portfolio. Finally, it is a vision that provides an authentic rationale for growth in a number of critical areas arising in fields from basic science to public policy.

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Stanford Medical School Commencement 2011 David Craig
Stanford Medical School Commencement 2011 David Craig
Stanford Biodesign @ Newcastle University Business School
Stanford Biodesign @ Newcastle University Business School ...
Student experience at Stanford School of Medicine
Student experience at Stanford School of Medicine
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