Dartmouth College Medical School

August 26, 2022

Admissions-landing_page-rev-4We graduate the complete physician—one who excels in the basic sciences, delivers outstanding clinical care, discovers and shares new knowledge, and works to improve systems of healthcare delivery.

  • Our curriculum builds the practice of medicine on a foundation of basic science
  • We develop outstanding clinical skills through experiential learning that spans all four years of training. Geisel students are trained in compassionate, patient- and family-centered care that addresses the “whole” patient.
  • Community service is an integral part of the medical student experience and our students participate in a remarkable array of opportunities to serve our communities.
  • In 2015, we are introducing an expanded Health Care Delivery Science and Population Health course that will span the first two years of the medical curriculum.Admissions-landing_page-rev-5 Just as biomedical and clinical science courses build proficiency in addressing the clinical challenges of individual patients, this new course will develop in students the knowledge and capabilities to address issues that compromise the health of communities and populations, and to tackle problems that reduce the effectiveness and value of healthcare services.
  • Our students learn in and are part of a strong, supportive community.

“I feel like they (Geisel) find out what your interests are, get to know you, and then find opportunities targeted to what you want to do—which I feel makes it a very individualized medical school.”

~Mildred Lopez Pineiro, Class of 2015

“I really liked Geisel. The size of the class is really small compared to a lot of the other schools so you really get close to people, and there is a really strong sense of community because it’s just a smaller town.”

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