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October 29, 2018
Wayne State medical school

owa usernameAbout Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access is a service that provides access to your Microsoft Exchange mailbox from anywhere on the Internet using standard web browser software. You'll find the OWA login page at: .

Supported browsers and operating systems

You can use Outlook Web Access with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator Web browsers from many UNIX, Apple Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows-based computers. To use the complete set of features available with Outlook Web Access, use Internet Explorer 6.

User Interface

Outlook Web Access running on Microsoft Internet Explorer displays a new user interface (UI) called the Premium Client, which is close in features and functionality to the UI of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. The Outlook Web Access UI now includes these added abilities and features:

  • Two-line view
  • Context menus view
  • Meeting requests can be forwarded
  • Desktop Alert and Notification Area icon for new mail
  • Add to Contacts feature
  • Ability to set number of items to view per page
  • Bidirectional layout support for Arabic and Hebrew (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 required for bidirectional layout)
  • Richer support for icons in Mail view
  • Control when messages are marked as read in Preview Pane
  • Public folders now display in their own window
  • Access to Global Address Lists properties sheets within an e-mail message or meeting request
  • Message sensitivity settings on Information Bar
  • Meeting invitees can set their preferred reminder time for meetings
  • Calendar can be opened in its own window from a Meeting Request offering the ability to evaluate the calendar and meeting request at the same time
  • Forms-based authentication
  • Support for common rules
  • Server-side spelling checker for six languages
  • Quick Flags
  • Personal Tasks
  • Message signatures
  • Saved searches

The Outlook Web Access UI features also include improved keyboard shortcuts and reorganized toolbars to better match those in Outlook 2003.

Logging In:

To log into the OWA website, open up the following URL: .

Click on the link for Secure Access.

Another window will open up prompting for your username and password. If you have a SoM Exchange mailbox on the system, enter your SoM user ID and password.

If you do not remember your SoM password and you have set a password challenge phrase and response, you can reset your password online from the following URL: .

Source: www.med.wayne.edu
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