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October 21, 2022
Admission Announcements of Dow

Dow Medical College is a constituent college of the Dow University of Health Sciences, established on 29th December 2003.

Dow Medical College (DMC) is the oldest medical college in Sindh and the second oldest in the country. A medical school for licentiate physicians was established at Hyderabad Sindh in 1881. In 1941 this medical school was given the status of medical college to impart training for MBBS Course. This college was under Bombay University.

This medical college at Hyderabad was inaugurated by Sir Francis Moody, first Governor of Sindh and the first batch of forty five students including one Muslim female student was admitted.

This college was shifted to Karachi on 10th Dec 1945. The foundation stone of the present premises was laid by Sir Hugh Dow, the then governor of Sindh, hence the college was renamed as ‘Dow Medical College’ in the honour of Governor of Sindh.

In December 2003 after the establishment of Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi. Dow Medical College became a constituent institution of Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi.

Dow Medical College has a highly qualified and experienced faculty who have participated in many National and International conferences, seminars and workshops etc.Since the establishment of Dow University facilities for students and doctors have been improved drastically. The lecture halls, tutorial rooms, museum and laboratories are air conditioned, every lecture hall has multimedia and computers. The common room and canteens are fully renovated. There is a round the clock generator facility. New academic block has also been completed with state of the art lecture halls and tutorial rooms.

All the basic sciences departments have been extensively renovated having tutorial rooms, museum and well equipped laboratories. The department of anatomy has one of the best plastic museums in the country. Currently major projects of modernization of the college is in progress.


Gradual but definitive changes are being made in the teaching strategies at Dow Medical College.


This new system of integrated teaching comprises of applied knowledge in which the students are taught basic subjects in the usual manner which is later on followed by clinically oriented teaching sessions so as to explain the clinical application of the basic knowledge. This is very beneficial and has really generated great interest among students.

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Source: www.duhs.edu.pk
Tarana of Sindh Medical College SMC Karachi Pakistan Dow
Tarana of Sindh Medical College SMC Karachi Pakistan Dow ...
DOW medical university karachi
DOW medical university karachi
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