College Majors in the Medical field

August 25, 2023
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The need for trained and qualified health care professionals today is crucial. From dentists to doctors to the other side of the spectrum of athletic trainers and physical therapists, spots are waiting to be filled. If you aspire to be the next Gregory House, take a look at these careers in health and medicine.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is the study of the principles, procedures, and practices of oral health. While two-year programs stress direct patient care under the supervision of a dentist, the bachelor’s degree is generally intended to prepare students with certificates or associate degrees in dental hygiene for employment as educators, researchers, or administrators. Students who want to become practicing dentists would not be advised to select this major, but rather seek to fulfill the requirements for dental school admission.


As an upper-division specialty major following an associate degree or certificate program in dental hygiene, the plan of study includes topics in pharmacology, periodontal care, cariology, and current dental techniques. Courses in chemistry, microbiology, psychology, human resources administration, and sociology are included. Course work is supplemented by supervised practical experiences.

Possible careers

• bacteriologist
• dental assistant
• dental hygienist
• dental therapist
• dentist
• hospital administrator
• laboratory technician
• microbiologist
• nurse
• oral surgeon
• pharmacologist
• physician assistant

Exercise Sciences/Sports Sciences

Exercise sciences/sports sciences prepares students for a career as an athletic trainer or exercise instructor. It is important to have an interest in helping athletes and people with health issues stemming from physical activity. An extensive knowledge of human physiology and anatomy and the ability to work well with a variety of people are both essential for this profession. The fitness and wellness “industry” continues to grow substantially in the United States, so job opportunities in this field are good. It is important to decide upon an emphasis and take the course work that prepares one for the profession, including obtaining licensure for practice.

The plan of study will begin with overview courses in biology and chemistry, athletic training, anatomy and physiology. Then the student will begin to specialize in one concentration. Concentrations include: athletic training, cardiac rehabilitation, fitness, personal training, strength and conditioning specialist. Internships are a key part of the major and should be pursued as early as possible. Students should research internship opportunities at colleges of interest.

• aerobic instructor
• athletic trainer
• cardiac rehabilitation
• corporate wellness leader
• personal training

Health Sciences

Health sciences is the study of techniques and procedures that are used in assisting physicians and other health professionals to care for the sick, rehabilitate the injured, diagnose ailments, or conduct research in clinical labs. Concentrations include cardiopulmonary specialist, extracorporeal technology, nuclear medicine technology, and rehabilitation specialist. This major is an excellent preparation for graduate work in a number of different medical programs. Often the requirements for the health sciences major will prepare the student to apply to medical school.

The plan of study begins with a core curriculum of biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus. The final two years are devoted to advanced work in the specialty, with emphasis on supervised clinical experience, direct patient care, or involvement in independent supervised research during the senior year.

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