Liberty University Medical School

August 19, 2022
The Liberty University

Liberty University pre medical schoolLiberty is quickly building a name as one of the top choices for pre medical college.

Liberty University students who choose to specialize in pre-med are exceptionally prepared to succeed in professional or graduate pre-med school. Liberty’s premedical program is housed under the School of Health Sciences, and identified as the biomedical sciences major. The pre-med classes are designed to prepare students for medical school, dental school, physician assistant school, and related medical fields.

With a broad coverage of cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, and advanced human anatomy and physiology, Liberty has a pre-med school that is intentionally aimed at maximizing students’ performance on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). A high percentage of Liberty students are admitted into medical schools each year (100 percent were accepted in 2010).

Setting the standard for pre-medical college

Looking to Liberty for pre medical college is a wise choice for prospective med students for many reasons. Those interested in research have the option to take advanced courses with labs. In addition, several lecture-only pre-med classes (such as clinical anatomy and advanced physiology) were created specifically for the pre-med program. Rigorous courses and dedication to student success has allowed Liberty to gain recognition as one of the top pre-med schools in the nation.

Liberty has a pre-med honors society that regularly invites local physicians to speak to students, and it holds special meetings to provide real insight into the medical field. This is unique among many pre-med schools but has proven to motivate the students to strive for success. Most medical schools seek more than a strong academic record from their applicants; they like to see pre-med students demonstrate a desire to practice medicine, altruism, and good character. Liberty has a pre medical college that does just that. The university’s Christian mission is behind it all, and has greatly contributed to establishing a successful pre-med school that sends students on to prestigious postbaccalaureate premedical programs. Liberty University offers pre-med students many opportunities to participate in medical missions trips, shadow practicing doctors, acquire excellent internships, and contribute to Christian service efforts in the community.

Located in Lynchburg, Va., Liberty University is training more than 100, 000 students as Champions for Christ. Aside from the pre medical program, Liberty offers 349 residential areas of study and 247 more through Liberty University Online. Offerings in the area of human health are growing rapidly as Liberty becomes recognized as a top pre medical school in the nation.

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