City College Medical School

October 20, 2022
Earn your Master

City College campus in Harlem will be the home of the new CUNY medical school.It’s official – there’s a new medical school coming to New York, and it’s going to be operated by the City University of New York.

With great fanfare, Gov. Cuomo recently announced the accreditation of the CUNY School of Medicine, which will be on City College campus in Harlem and operated in partnership with the St. Barnabas Health System in the South Bronx.

The CUNY School of Medicine is scheduled to launch its inaugural class of 70 students in the fall of 2016, and a campaign is underway to raise $20 million in interest-free loans for students.

“This action increases employment, research and learning opportunities for students and faculty members at CUNY School of Medicine in Harlem, and will help our next generation of healthcare workers serve communities across New York State, ” Cuomo said. “This new school is another step toward making medical care more accessible for all New Yorkers.”

The CUNY School of Medicine’s “accredited – preliminary status” designation came from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education on June 10. The Washington, D.C.-based institution is a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accreditor of medical education programs leading to M.D. degrees. The new school was approved following an extensive review of its academic program, teaching facilities and clinical partnership.

Dr. Scott Cooper, president and CEO of SBH Health System, which includes St. Barnabas Hospital, praised the partnership with the City University of New York.

“Like CUNY, we have a congruent mission to provide quality care to underserved communities. With our combined resources and commitment, those facing health disparities will have more than good reason to hope.”

CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken and City College President Lisa Coico were also excited about the new institution.

Harry Scull Jr./AP

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