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July 12, 2022
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Sociology professor, Sara Moorman

Sociology (B.A. or minor)

Sociology examines the organizations, structures, and changes in societal groups. It combines rigorous methods of inquiry and analysis with a remarkable freedom of choice in research topics: mass media, the environment, racism, gender issues, class, peace and war, and deviance and social control, to name just a few. At Boston College, sociology students are also introduced to an activist approach towards issues of social justice and equality, making the sociological experience here not only rigorous and creative but also socially relevant and engaged. Training in sociology is useful in a broad range of occupations and also prepares students for graduate study in a variety of disciplines.

Degrees and Concentrations

Fifth-Year B.A./M.A. Program - Junior Sociology majors may apply for a fifth year in which they can earn a Master of Arts in Sociology degree.

Fifth-Year B.A./M.S.W. Program - Sophomore Sociology majors may apply for a fifth year in which they can earn a Master’s degree in Social Work.

Sample Courses

Sociology for Health Care Professions

Deviance and Social Control

Technology and Culture

Inequality in America

Society and Environmental Transformations

Race, Class, and Gender

Doing Well and Doing Good

Experience Sociology

The Sociology department at Boston College has strong capacity in the field of Environmental Sociology. Studying environmental issues from a sociological perspective means exploring the social dynamics that shape our interactions with the natural world. The Sociology department features a number of courses meant to introduce students to this field and prepare them for upper-level coursework and independent thesis study on the topics of sustainable agriculture, consumption, environmental health, environmental justice, and global issues.

Beyond BC

(a sample of recent alumni pursuits following graduation)

Social Worker, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Project Manager, Human Rights Watch London

Director and Co-Founder of SWAG Non-Profit

Math & Science Teacher, Teach for America

Corporate Systems Engineer, EMC

Recreational Therapist, Sun Valley Adaptive Sports

Area Manager, BMW of North America

English Language Coordinator, Edward Brooke Charter School

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