Auckland University Medical Centre

October 31, 2022
University of Auckland
Health, Counselling and Wellbeing is a full general practice (GP) health centre. We have male and female doctors and nurses who provide confidential health advice and treatment. Routine consultations are FREE for domestic students who register with us as their GP.

Stethoscope We are a member of Auckland PHO (primary health organisation) and are accredited by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. Learn more about the Auckland PHO.

Make an appointment with a doctor or nurse for:

  • Sexual health and contraception
  • Treatment for illness (feeling unwell) or injury
  • Management of ongoing conditions such as asthma
  • Medical examinations for travel, immigration or employment
  • Vaccinations
  • Clinical screening information for placement
  • Health education
  • Minor surgery
  • Maternity services – for pregnancy testing and care in your first trimester

Learn more about the services listed above

Drop ins and appointments

You can make an appointment by phone, or by dropping into our centre. Our nurses can see you without an appointment but you may have to wait. Domestic students who enrol with us now can have free routine consultations with the doctor or nurse.

Doctor's appointments are 15 minutes. If you have a complex problem or a number of problems which may be difficult to deal with in 15 minutes, please book a half hour doctor's appointment, or plan to return for a second appointment.

Please contact us if you need to cancel your doctor's appointment so that other patients can see the doctor or nurse.

Meningitis C vaccine now available at AUT health centres

Meningitis is a serious disease and can spread easily, particularly if you live in hostel type accommodation. Vaccination is a good way to lower your risk of Meningitis. The Meningitis C vaccine is now available at the AUT health centres.

To make an appointment to get your Meningitis vaccine phone:

  • City Campus: +64 9 921 9992
  • North Shore Campus: +64 9 921 9998

Read more about meningococcal disease and the Meningitis C vaccine (160 kb)

Registering with Health, Counselling and Wellbeing:

  • All patients need to complete a registration form - whether you want to enrol with us as your primary health provider, or as a casual patient
  • Please complete the registration form at our reception
  • It is free to register
  • Please present your AUT student ID card or staff card, and community services card if you have one

We care for you, mind, body and spirit

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Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland
Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland
University of Auckland - Virtual Medical Centre
University of Auckland - Virtual Medical Centre
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