Columbia University Medical Center Housing

September 21, 2022
News & Announcements

Within Walking Distance of Everything the Medical Center and New York City Have to Offer

Practical and Cost-Effective

More than 1, 300 students, faculty and post docs live in Medical Center accommodations, a practical and cost-effective way to live in Manhattan. Living on campus provides individuals with the opportunity to take advantage of all of the resources Columbia University and the City of New York have to offer. All of the residential buildings are located at CUMC and are within walking distance to academic buildings and labs, the, the and the city’s subway and bus system.

Download the and learn everything you need to know about being a tenant in CUMC Apartment Housing, from signing your rental agreement to billing schedules, and security deposits.

Stay safe: Print out a copy of the for residential apartment buildings.

Important Upcoming Dates

Newly admitted students who require either single or couples housing and will be enrolled in either the College of Dental Medicine (Endo, Ortho, Perio, Prostho and AEGD) or ETP (Nursing) may apply for CUMC on-campus housing online. All housing notifications will occur in .

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