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April 4, 2016
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Popular Courses

- Choosing an antibacterial agent can be challenging, given the wide array of drugs available. Learning the important properties and uses of these drugs is made easier by the fact that they are grouped in classes based on their biochemical structure. This course is intended as an overview of the general characteristics of the major antibiotic classes, with a brief discussion of the individual agents and indications, giving greater perspective to the actions and characteristics of antibiotics.

- This continuing education course is intended to increase the knowledge and skills of those who are called upon to care for people with Alzheimer's disease. This course contains a significant amount of information that pertains to necessary care by physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals. It also includes relevant information for all members of the interdisciplinary team to utilize when ensuring the follow-up and care of patients with Alzheimer's disease. In order to support the interdisciplinary team approach, the course includes an appendix with specific nursing and caregiver interventions as well as information about special care facilities.

- Because medications to treat acute illness due to influenza are just recently appearing, there is a tendency to accept the existence of influenza and to forget the fact that 49, 000 Americans die annually from the flu and its complications. In addition, the resulting hospitalizations and medical care cost the healthcare system $12 billion each year. Sadly, there are underused vaccines that can prevent many of the hospitalizations and deaths, thus lessening the suffering and financial burden of this disease. This course will explore the history of influenza, symptoms, communicability, care of the patient, the makeup of the virus, avian and swine types of flu, vaccine issues, and pandemic planning. Reproducible patient education materials will be included. The vital roles of the healthcare professional and community involvement will be stressed.

[PDF Download] Continuing Medical Education: A Primer 2nd
[PDF Download] Continuing Medical Education: A Primer 2nd ...
Resuscitate Your Online Medical Education
Resuscitate Your Online Medical Education
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