Saint Petersburg State Medical University

October 7, 2022

Study Abroad ExpertSaint-Petersburg State Medical Academy originates from Psychoneurological Institute.created in 1907 by the famous psychiatrist Academician VM Bekhterev. The Institute has medical, legal and pedagogical faculties. In 1920, the medical school has been transformed into an independent institution - the National Institute of medical knowledge, which in 1930 was renamed the 2nd Leningrad Medical Institute. Mechnikov (Dpt). The main clinical base Academy is a Hospital. Peter the Great in 2000 beds, built in honor of the 200th anniversary of St. Petersburg. It is a historical-architectural complex consisting of 50 buildings and is located in the park area of ??35 000 square meters. At various stages in the history of the university it worked outstanding scientists pathologists NN Anichkov (AMS president in 1946-1953.). FY Chistovich. pharmacologist SV Anichkov. physiologists NN Vvedensky. AA Ukhtomsky, anatomists PFLesgaft. DA Zhdanov. therapists A. Kidron. SM Ryss. surgeons PN Napalkov, AVSmirnov, NN oncologist Petrov, hygienists E. Andreeva, C. Galanin. GV Khlopin. 3.G. Frankel.

The Academy has 7 faculties - preparatory training; preventive medical, therapeutic, nursing higher education for foreign students, training and professional development of teachers; Advanced Medical. The Academy is the leading medical center in the methodical Russia in the field of medical and preventive education. Dpt prepares physicians preventive health and clinical profile of more than 30 specialties, including specialists in economics and health management, laboratory science, medical, psychology, management in nursing, ecology. 56 departments of the Academy successfully employs 600 teachers.including 2 academicians of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 1 corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 4 Honored Science, 3 academicians and 5 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, State Prize winner, 3, 1 academician of the International Academy of Higher Education, 3, of the International Academy of Sciences Ecology and Safety, 1 academician of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, corresponding member of one of Peter's Academy of Sciences and Arts. 80 professors and doctors of medical science, more than 400 professors and PhDs. The academy trained about 4000 students, including 800 - from 50 foreign countries. Over the years the university has trained more than 30, 000 doctors, including 20, 000 specialists hygienic profile

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Ryazan State I.P Pavlov Medical University,INDIAN DAY
Ryazan State I.P Pavlov Medical University,INDIAN DAY - Russian State Medical University.avi - Russian State Medical University.avi
RUSSIA! Exchange Semester at St. Petersburg State University
RUSSIA! Exchange Semester at St. Petersburg State University
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