Kaohsiung Medical University

August 18, 2022

imageCampus Grounds and Location


he campus of Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) covers an area of 125, 527 square meters, excluding an affiliated hospital that sits adjacent to the campus. The university has seventy classrooms equipped with personal computers and projectors, and fourteen general laboratories. Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH), a 1670-bed affiliated hospital, is a well-established academic medical center and offers a professional practical training environment for university students, in addition to expert supervision. There are three student dormitories on campus-the New Student Dormitory, the South Dormitory and the North Dormitory, with enough room to house 1360 students. All classrooms and dormitories are centrally air-conditioned, providing relief from Kaohsiung’s often hot sub-tropical climate and a comfortable study environment. While KMU has around 3, 000 cable network outlets spread throughout campus, it also has a campus-wide wireless network connection, making Internet immediately available both indoors and outdoors to faculty and students.

There is an Alumni House on campus built with donations from KMU Alumni. This facility provides lodging for alumni and their family members as well as the students’ parents, if they should need to stay overnight on campus.

On KMU’s carefully landscaped campus can also be found various athletic fields, tennis and volleyball courts, and gathering places promoting student health and social interaction.

Classroom Buildings

The Medical Research Building

The Medical Research Building is the main research facility for the College of Medicine. On the first floor are university offices, including administrative offices of College of Medicine. On the rest of the floors are offices, classrooms and research facilities for such diverse areas as molecular studies, microbiology, clinical immunology, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, physiology, cellular studies, behavioral science, parasitology, and pharm toxicology as well as the animal center.

The First Classroom Building

imageThe First Classroom Building plays host to a great variety of facilities such as classrooms, college offices, departmental offices and special centers. On the second level of the basement, B2, is a fitness center and the lower entrance to the performance hall; on the first level of the basement, B1, are classrooms and the upper entrance to the performance hall. The 1st and 2nd floors also have classrooms. The 3rd and 4th floors house the College of Nursing, including the Institute for Gender Studies. From the 5th to 7th floors is the College of Pharmacy, including the Institute for Natural Products. The 8th and 9th floors hold the College of Life Sciences, including the School of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry and School of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology. College of Life Sciences and the Department of Fragrance and Cosmetics are on the 10th floor. On the 11th floor can be found the Medio-Genomic Research Center, the Medical R&D Innovation Center and the Functional Proteomic Research Center. The 12th floor houses KMU’s Biomed-Innovation Incubation Center, a center where plans for production and marketing of biomedicines are developed before being introduced into the community.

The Chi Shih (Jishi) Building

In the Chi Shih Building are a variety of facilities, classrooms, and departmental offices. On the second level of the basement, B2, can be found a recreation center, dance studio, gym, and health club. On the first level of the basement, B1, is the Physical Education Office, a games room, classrooms and student association offices. The 1st floor holds the Office of Student Affairs, Student Counseling, Career Planning and a post office, the 2nd floor a computer room, classrooms and student association offices, the 3rd floor the Language Center and classrooms, and the 4th floor self-study halls and classrooms. The 5th floor holds the Department of Medical Radiation Technology and the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science, the 6th the Department of Physical Therapy and the Department of Occupational Therapy, and the 7th floor the Computation Center, the Faculty of Public Health, and the Industrial Hygiene Research Center, the 8th floor the Department of Psychology and the Department of Medical Sociology and Social Work, and the 9th floor the College of Health Science, the Faculty of Medical Information Management, and the three graduate institutes: Healthcare Administration, Occupational Safety and Health, Behavioral Sciences. The 10th floor has a computer lab.

Recreational Facilities

This university has many facilities for student activities including those for:

1. Leisure and Sports, consisting of multi-functional meeting areas, running track and field for track activities, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a football field, tennis courts, table tennis rooms, a gymnasium, and fitness centers;

2. Club Activites, consisting of general classrooms, recreation rooms, a dance studio, billiard rooms; and

3. An auditorium, performance hall, restaurant, social activity hall, computer lab, study hall, student gallery as well as two outdoor areas...

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12 Kaohsiung Medical university
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