Zhejiang Medical University Rankings

April 25, 2019
Students living in school

Zhejiang University, MBBS in china with top ranking medical university in china with english medium for International students from various countries, Zhenjiang University one of top medical university in china, Study in China, Study Medicine in China, MBBS degree in China, MBBS, China, Medical University in China, China Medical UniversityBeing one among the top 10 Universities Zhejiang Medical University is one among its
kind offering MBBS course in English Medium with its International Standards and
uncomparable atmosphere which attracts most of the International Students from
Countries like India, USA, UK, UAE, Pakistan, etc...Because of its Unique curriculum which
is based on the syllabus of Medical Council of India, Zhejiang Medical University is preferred
by the students from India who are provided with seperate classrooms and other facilities
like food and hostel.Zhejian University, Study in China, Study MBBS in China in English Medium The University also offers training for USMLE and PLAB exams
enabling the students to practice in USA and UK.By now, it has establised international links with scores of medical institutions in Asia,
Europe, Australia and North America. Programs like collaborative research projects and
exchanges of faculty and students have been launched.

ZUSM boasts rich human resources, reliable, well - establish, and capable of fulfilling
educational, academic or clinical missions. There are 385 full-time or part-time professors
devoted to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

This is an age of change, yet we will learn from our history, take responsibility for the future,
and promote the unique nature of the ZUSM environment. No effort will be spared to cultivate
promising professionals in academia, education and medical practice who will be
outstanding in knowledge, experience, skills, qualities, responsibility and values.

In the past five years, academic staff members in the School undertook a wide spectrum of
research, from frontier basic medical science research to cutting edge clinical research. 103
projects were granted from National Natural Science Foundation, together with hundreds of
key projects from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Provincial

  • Institutes:
    1. Institute of Ophthalmology
    2. Institute of Immunology
    3. Institute of Cellular Biology
    4. Institute of Pathology & Forensic Medicine
    5. Institute of Social Medicine & General Medicine
    6. Institute of Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Hygiene
    7. Institute of Medical Nutrition & Food Hygiene
    8. Institute of Infectious Diseases
    9. Institute of Hematology
    10. Institute of Oncology
    11. Institute of Pediatrics
    12. Institute of Surgery
    13. Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
    14.Zhejiang University, MBBS in China in English Medium Institute of Brain Medicine
    15. Institute of Emergency Medicine
    16. Institute of Orthopedics
    17. Institute of Obstetrics & Gynecology
    18. Institute of Family Planning
    19. Sir Run Shaw Research Institute of Clinical Medicine
    20. Institute of Respiratory Medicine
    21. Research Centers
    22. Research Center for Brain Intelligence
    23. Research Center for Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering
Zhejiang University, MBBS in China in English Medium Zhejiang University, Study MBBS in China in English Medium, Study in China
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