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September 7, 2022
Graduate Medical Education

United Memorial Medical CenterJoin Our Team

United Memorial's Family Medicine Residency Program offers a diverse experience in primary care medicine in a rural community setting. Residents are afforded experiences in community based practices, and a thriving community hospital while still having resources found in tertiary healthcare settings in Buffalo and Rochester. This approach will produce highly qualified clinicians who will be capable of working in a variety of primary care clinical settings.

Welcome to the Family Medicine Residency at United Memorial Medical Center

At UMMC we are striving to give you a unique experience in Family Medicine. The Residency Program is based in a Rural Community Hospital which is situated in between two large academic centers. You get the benefit of learning in a rural environment and the expertise seen in these large tertiary centers.

The Family Medicine Residents are the only residents at United Memorial. They interact on a one to one basis with our medical staff. There is a unique continuity of care in a small hospital and community where you take care of parents, grandparents, children, and cousins. You can follow the patients from the Emergency Room, to the operating room to the floor and to the clinic.

Batavia WaterfallsThere is a balance between education and service to the hospital. We use a night float system so that you won't feel like you are on call all the time. There will be outpatient telephone call for the clinic. There are weekly didactics which include “book club” where you will work your way through Rakel's Family Medicine, The ICU Book and Oski's Pediatrics. A Thursday afternoon lecture series with guest lecturers, resident lectures and OMT lectures. A regular practice management series and a monthly journal club. There will also be online readings and questions. We are also using a Boards Preparation course for COMLEX 3.

Even though this is a new program both myself and Dr. Laurie Kilbury-Taylor, Program Director have had experience in other programs. We want to bring an educational experience that is challenging and exciting. We feel that UMMC offers the opportunity for residents to excel in Family Medicine. There is the opportunity to pursue special interests in Hospital Medicine, Geriatrics, Urgent Care and Addiction. There is the opportunity to become a great rural family doc!

Batavia, New York is also a wonderful place to raise a family. The city and town have a population of about 16, 000 people. We are 35 miles from either Buffalo or Rochester each of which has a major airport. Batavia has a wonderful arts culture, having its own symphony orchestra, concert band, community theatres and art museum. During the summer months, festivals and farmers' markets abound. If you like winter sports, we are close to skiing, snowmobiling, tubing and snowboarding.

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