Duke University Medical Physics

March 12, 2021
Of the Duke University

Admissions Overview

The application deadlines for our program are Dec 8 2015 for Ph.D. applicants and Jan 31 2016 for M.S. applicants. To give you the most favorable consideration, we must receive all supporting materials (including transcripts, GREs, and letters of recommendation) by the deadline. TOEFL (preferred) or IELTS scores are required for all students whose first language is not English.

Like A Family [ 土豆网 for Mainland China ]
"We really wanted to build the program in such a way that we were like a family, " recounts Dr. Dobbins, who founded our program in 2005 and served as Program Director until 2015. Here he describes what is medical physics, and why our program is so special. We hope this helps you to decide if you would like to come join our family! This video was made entirely by the talented members of our program.

If you are still deciding where to apply for graduate school, we recommend you start with our page for Prospective Students.

Source: medicalphysics.duke.edu
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